Full Service

At CoCo Designs, we use our unique Layering Process when designing for our full service clients. This is done in steps to create a story for your space. It helps you to see different options, while opening your mind to ideas that you may have not realized were available or existed. When you aren’t overwhelmed with making every design decision all at once, you’re free to entertain new concepts. Your design should grow with each selection, making the space rich, inspired and reflective of it’s owner(s). Remember, your design should speak to YOU. An interior designer is the facilitator to make your vision come to life.

Layer 1: Your Blank Canvas
  • Think of the design elements that will create the foundation for your space.
  • What is your inspiration for the space? A painting? An area rug? A lamp?
  • Ex. flooring, carpet, countertops, light fixtures, color palette
Layer 2: Heavy Lifting
  • Which direction are we taking with your essential furniture pieces? For the average client, these are the pieces that will stay in the space over the years and will remain when small design refreshes are made.
  • For example, you may want to incorporate navy blue into your design. If you choose a navy blue sofa, we aren’t going to select navy blue arm chairs. Because of this, we select the sofa first.
  • Ex. sofa, dining table, armoire, area rug
Layer 3: Tie it Up With a Pretty Red Bow
  • Here is your chance to bring in the color, pattern and texture. By playing off of the large pieces, paint and other selections you’ve made in the previous layers, we will balance out the feel of the space. Is the color at all levels? Did we pull in enough pattern and texture variation? Now is the time to add those in.
  • Ex. ~ cocktail table, arm chair, ottoman, window and wall treatments, artwork
Layer 4: Make Your Friends Hate You
  • This is the final layer that brings the whole space together. It makes your space look like the pictures you see in design magazines. Bringing in fun trinkets and accoutrements will make your room photo ready. Let’s jazz this baby up!
  • Ex. ~ occasional table, coat rack, bar cart, picture frames, throw pillows, vases